The Spice of Life

Tasting Notes:

Iron Balls:

A green spice character, reminiscent of fennel seed and dill weed gives a fresh character best paired with Mediterranean dishes and a healthy glug of olive oil.



An explosion of spice, from the floral fragrance of cubeb pepper on the nose, to the dark earthiness from the cardamom and cassia on the finish.


Uncle Val's Peppered

Umami notes of bell peppers present itself on the nose, with a somber earthiness presents itself through the inclusion of black pepper on the finish, pairing beautifully with the juniper.

The Spice of Life

  • Spice.  Wars have been fought over it, fortunes were made on it, and gin wouldn’t be what it is today without it.  This selection showcases gins that take spices to its absolute limit.


    The set contains 100ml each:

    • Iron Balls (40%)
    • Opihr (40%)
    • Uncle Val’s Peppered (45%)


    It also includes 3 bottles of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.


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