Localvore Gin

Tasting Notes:

Two Moons

Floral and soft, notes of pink pepper are the focal point upon which secondary notes of rose, vanilla, tangerine and tonka bean revolve around.  A lovely all-day gin for a G&T.



Austere with a touch of playfulness, staying true to the classic London dry profile while pushing the boundary with sweet notes of pear paired with darker notes of aged tangerine peel.


Perfume Trees 

Deliciously luscious, with intense floral notes of magnolia flowers accented with spicy richness of sandalwood and heaps and heaps of juniper.  

Localvore Gin

  • Hong Kong is a city of contradictions, East and West, old and new, yet we embody it all in harmony.  Experience that same spirit with gins produced by Hong Kong people, for Hong Kong people.


    The set contains 100ml each:

    • Two Moons (45%)
    • N.I.P (43%)
    • Perfume Trees (45%)


    It also includes 3 bottles of The Carbonation Tonic.


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