Ori-Gin Fruits

Ori-Gin Fruits


Tasting Notes:

Ori-Gin Lavender & Berries

Explosive bouquet of lavender on the nose, on the palate, sweeteness of red fruit is balanced by pleasant tartness and soft tannins of lavender.


Ori-Gin Passionfruit & Yuzu

Deceptively dry, the gin opens with aromas of exotic fruit.  The palate opens with fruitiness, but there is a strong finish of classic juniper and angelica root.


Ori-Gin Earl Grey & Guava

Aromas of guava jump out of the glass, complemented by citrus and notes of bergamot.  Tannins from the tea pair well with earthy notes found on the finish.


    While in the past, gin had a reputation for being a drink for stodgy old men, many a modern gin distiller has married classic juniper and spices with fruit for a fresh take on the category.  This flight showcases some of our favourite fruit forward signature gin flavours.


    The set contains 100ml each:

    • Ori-Gin Lavender & Berries (40%)
    • Ori-Gin Passionfruit & Yuzu (40%)
    • Ori-Gin Guava & Earl Grey (40%)


    It also includes one bottle each of Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic, Fever-Tree Indian Tonic, and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.


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