Best of British

Tasting Notes:

Sipsmith London Dry

Juniper is fresh and lemony, with notes of lavender and Mediterranean herbs complimenting its finish.  Clean yet complex, a well rounded gin for many uses.


William Chase GB

As dry as it gets.  A rich base alcohol carries warm ginger, lively lemon and a hint of clove, making for a refreshingly warm G&T.



A storm of flavours, aromas of lavender accent bitter citrus notes that swirl around a core of intense juniper.  Advertises the fact they use 10 times the botanicals as their competitors, which is undeniably apparent on the first sip.

Best of British

  • Britain is the spiritual home of gin, and while it was extremely difficult to decide what gins to include on this flight, we finally settled of these three absolute cracking gins.  Huzzah! Long live the queen, and all that.


    The set contains 100ml each of:

    • Sipsmith London Dry (41.6%)
    • William Chase GB (40%)
    • Cotswolds (46%)


    It also includes 3 bottles of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic.


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